When you create a whole new category for an outdoor activity you're bound to get some questions!

What will Wits&Grit be like?

Without sounding too cliché, Wits&Grit is unlike anything you've experienced before. Have you seen The Amazing Race or MTV's The Challenge? Yeah, sort of like that!

Will it be super competitive?

While we're certain there will be plenty of groups who are coming for utter and complete destruction of any other team and dream of nothing else, but to bask in the glory of being crowned Team #1... Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for all that is guaranteed to be a SUPER, CRAZY-FUN TIME!

What is the course like?

It is the length of a 5k, roughly 3.1 miles, over grassy terrain. There will be an even mix of physical and mental stations, so we'll see which team comes out on top!

How strong or fit do I need to be?

For the physical aspect of our event we're aiming for a medium difficulty level at each station. Wits&Grit will appeal to people of all physical fitness levels. It should be challenging, but not impossible to finish!

How smart do I have to be?

Again, for our mental aspect of our event we're aiming for a medium difficulty level at each station. Being Einstein's long lost great-grandaughter will help, but is not necessary!

How many people per team?

You are allowed 3-5 people per team, so choose your allies wisely and get ready!

Where is the event located?

This year we are being hosted by the Boy Scouts of America. Their Gamehaven Scout Reservation area boasts over 262 acres! The exact location for Wits&Grit is at:

Gamehaven Scout Reservation

5015 Simpson Road SE

Rochester, MN 55904

What do we need to bring?

Clothes... Shoes... Aaaand that's about it.

(Oh, and perhaps some extra cash if you feel like eating at one of our food truck vendors!)

What else can we expect?

We're planning on food trucks, event sponsors, entertainment, etcetera. So grab a group together and come join the FUN!!!

Who is UNRAVELED Escape Room?

We are the locally-owned, nationally recognized escape room that created:


Escape From Alcatraz

Spirits of the Asylum and

CSI: Rochester


See more of UNRAVELED at:


Who is Townsquare Media?

They are a national radio brand whose presence here in Rochester includes stations such as

  • 106.9 KROC
  • 103.9 The Doc
  • Cool 104
  • 96.5 Quick Country, and
  • 107.7 Z-Rock

They have also brought many different events to us locally such as the

  • Rochester Women's Fall Expo
  • Rochester On Tap, and
  • Insane Inflatables.

They seemed like a perfect fit!

My muscles can barely be contained inside my tiny t-shirt... Will I have fun too?

Yes, even you will have fun. 😉

I get winded walking out to the mailbox... Will I have fun?

Have your team-members carry your limp, dead-weight of a carcass over the finish line. You can thank them later. And yes, you will have fun!!!

Can we dress up like classic Star Wars characters as we blast our way to victory?

Yes, yes you can! Come dressed in whatever you like as long as it stays attached to your body it's fair game!


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